What is galvanizing?

Galvanizing wrought iron

Galvanizing is a process we use to help protect the wrought iron products that we make from wear and tear and rust. Once your bespoke product has been made it is sent off for galvanizing before being returned to us to be painted in whichever colour you like before they are ready for fitting.

Below is a diagram showing the process of metal preparation and galvanizing:-

The process cannot be done by us on site as we do not have the facilities but we have trusted partners who carry out the work for us. Here is a short video courtesy of The Galvanizing Association to show the galvanizing process itself galvanizing video

We include the galvanizing of wrought iron as standard in our quotations which is something not everybody does.  We do this to ensure a great finish, quality product and lessen any potential problems with the product in future.

If you would like to know more about what galvanizing is and how it works you can see more on the official website of The Galvanizing Association here https://www.galvanizing.org.uk/hot-dip-galvanizing/

Here are some examples of some galvanized gates we have manufactured just sitting ready to go to paint

And, of course, if you would like to know more about this subject or any of our products then please get in touch either via our website enquiry form of contact us via telephone on 0161 303 7383

Thanks, Karen

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