What do you want to know about steel?

What do you want to know about steel? Frequently asked questions

You’ve seen it loads of times where you go onto a website and there is a frequently asked question section.  Most of the time with useful stuff like delivery times, postage costs, different varieties of products available etc.  Then there are the ones that have all the most obvious answers but not the actual one you are after! Frustrating eh?

The reason I mention this is that I was thinking of what I could write for the next blog.  I was thinking about what our customers, suppliers or those just generally interested in what we do would want to know.  What do they want to know about steel, wrought iron, stainless steel, gates, railings etc.  I had been thinking of putting a blog together with some of the answers, a little like a FAQ page, but maybe with a bit more detail.

Then I thought the best way to find out what to write is to ask you what you want to know!

So, here goes.  Tell me what you want to know about us. Whether its what products we do, how we make them, what we can offer or just a general question about how we work.  The floor is yours!

Whatever it is you want to know I will then try to answer as best I can.  It may be in the form of a blog post, it may be a summary of frequently asked questions on our website page or it may be in the form of social media posts.  But if I know what it is you are asking I will do my upmost to answer. And if there is something I am not sure about then I can find out for you.




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