Which type of gate should I choose?

Which type of gate should I choose?

There are many reasons for someone to want a gate but have you thought about the type of gate you want? “What there is more than one type?” I hear you cry! Well, yes.

Swinging driveway gates

Wrought iron driveway gates

Swinging driveway gates are the more traditional kind you will see.  They are hinged to one side and open around this point usually into the driveway or property. This type of gate is very common and requires room for the gates to swing into. They usually open inwards as you are restricted from opening gates outwards onto a highway. Swinging gates are less expensive to install than other types and are generally considered safer and easier to open. Account must also be taken of any incline as the gate could not fully open if the driveway was an on incline. You can have a single swing gate or double swinging gates depending on the size of the opening. For example single gates would be unsuitable for anything over 3.65m (12 feet wide). In that case you may need bi fold gates.

Bi fold gates

Bi fold gates are ideal where the opening is wide but there is not a lot of room for the gates to open fully inwards.  Each part of the gate essentially folds back on itself so they take up less room when open.  Also the weight is distributed better to avoid the gates dropping at one end when opening.  Bi fold gates are a more expensive option that swinging gates as there is more work involved.  If a swinging gate is not a good option you may find that a sliding gate is more suitable

Sliding gates

Sliding metal gate

Sliding gates are a great alternative to swing gates especially when there is limited room for swing gates to open up or where they compromise parking space. Also they are a good alternative where there is an incline on the drive to consider. Sliding gates are usually placed on tracks where this is dug into the ground and the gate is guided along it using wheels mounted on the base. However to fit sliding gates you need to ensure there is a smooth surface area for the gate to pass over and approximately 1.5 times the size of the gate itself to allow it to slide back and out of the way fully.

Electric gates

Finally you can have the gates automated so you have the convenience of being able to open them at the push of a button on your return home, especially useful when its pouring with rain and you don’t want to get out of the car! Visitors can even have a separate pedestrian gate with an intercom to prevent unwanted callers. They are very secure and often add value to a property due to their aesthetic and secure nature.  You can even automate existing gates in some cases.

Whatever kind of gates you are looking for, or if you are not sure, we can help.  Call us for a free site survey and no obligation quote where we can advise you on the options available.


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