Sometimes You Just Need Your Privacy

When purchasing, or considering purchasing, gates for your house the main reasons tend to be for security purposes and for them to look good too.  Of course, they are often one of the first things someone sees and as they say it always helps to make a good first impression! But as well as enhancing and securing your property many people want gates to add privacy to their property.  Often with wrought iron gates they don’t offer that much privacy because of the nature of the steelwork…

Decorative wrought iron garden gate

…but there is a solution!  For those that want added privacy gates can be made private with the addition of infill panels.  These are fixed between the bars of the wrought iron gates and this can be achieved in a few different ways.

Timber infill gates

As the name suggests these are gates made with a wrought iron frame and vertical bars but with panels of timber in between.  The timber we use is pressure treated, rough sawn timber which looks beautiful in its natural form but it can then be treated/stained to achieve a different colour.  Below is an example of a bi folding driveway gate with rough sawn timber infill panels together with another driveway gate with timber infills which has then been stained by the customer to give a darker look.

Bi fold timber infill gates   Timber infill driveway gates

Composite infills

Composite panels are a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to timber.  Its environmentally friendly as its made up of recycled high density polyethylene plastic and reclaimed wood fibres. Its natural looking, with a grain effect, and comes in a range of colours.  Below are some examples:

Wrought iron driveway gate with composite panels  Wrought iron driveway gates with composite panels Wrought iron driveway gates with composite infills  Wrought iron driveway gates with composite panels Wrought iron gate frame with composite panels

Sheet metal

Then there is the more “industrial” look where sheet metal panels are added to the wrought iron gate frame to give added privacy.  Again, here is an example

Wrought iron gates with sheet metal panels

So as you can see there are a number of options available.

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