Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

Tips on installing a Juliet balcony

You can benefit from glazed doors and fresh air upstairs with the addition of a Juliet balcony to your home. A Juliet balcony is a flush or almost flush safety balustrade usually bolted to the outside of the house. It allows you to make the most of your view, let in natural daylight and give ventilation.

Ornate bowed bar balconies we added to this local development

A Juliet balcony can be a great addition to your home especially if a full balcony isn’t a viable option due to lack of space, planning issues or just aesthetics. A Juliet balcony is also usually more affordable than a full balcony and can often be installed without planning permission.

Stainless steel and tinted glass balcony rails

The name Juliet balcony comes from the Shakespeare play where Juliet romances Romeo from her balcony. The designs originated in the Mediterranean and became popular in the Georgian era hence the traditional style are metal railings with ornate details.

Ornate railings we installed in Cheshire

For modern homes glass designs are a popular option. They allow uninterrupted views and give a more contemporary look. As they are often used in bedrooms you could even consider adding frosted glass for extra privacy.

This stainless and glass balcony fits in with the renovation of this property
An example of a flush fitting Juliet balcony

Juliet balconies are subject to building regulations which govern the height and any gaps between metal bars in the panel. It is therefore important to find an experienced installer who not only knows the regulations but can work within them and provide options dependent on style, access and fitting.

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