What is galvanizing?

Galvanizing wrought iron

Galvanizing is a process we use to help protect the wrought iron products that we make from wear and tear and rust. Once your bespoke product has been made it is sent off for galvanizing before being returned to us to be painted in whichever colour you like before they are ready for fitting.

Below is a diagram showing the process of metal preparation and galvanizing:-

The process cannot be done by us on site as we do not have the facilities but we have trusted partners who carry out the work for us. Here is a short video courtesy of The Galvanizing Association to show the galvanizing process itself galvanizing video

We include the galvanizing of wrought iron as standard in our quotations which is something not everybody does.  We do this to ensure a great finish, quality product and lessen any potential problems with the product in future.

If you would like to know more about what galvanizing is and how it works you can see more on the official website of The Galvanizing Association here https://www.galvanizing.org.uk/hot-dip-galvanizing/

Here are some examples of some galvanized gates we have manufactured just sitting ready to go to paint

And, of course, if you would like to know more about this subject or any of our products then please get in touch either via our website enquiry form of contact us via telephone on 0161 303 7383

Thanks, Karen

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Belated Happy New Year!

Belated Happy New Year from all of us here at Sykes Bespoke Steel

We hope that you had a good break and have had a great start to 2019 already

After a very difficult 9 months with ill health we are now back to it and ready to start enhancing and securing your property with our bespoke steel products

There is a huge range of products we provide. For more details have a look at the categories of products on our website or on our Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/SykesBespokeSteel

Since the start of the year we have done a number of jobs including a security barrier, decorative wrought iron railings, wall top rails, double gates, a handrail, a timber panel gate and some balustrade and handrail.  Check out the pictures on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.

As always if there is anything we can help you with please call us on 0161 303 7383 for a free, no obligation quote.


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New Year New House?

New Year, New House?

Moving house this year?

So it’s the second week of the New Year and no doubt you have already done at least one or more of the following:-

-started a diet, wrecked your diet

-joined a gym but not been yet

-googled holiday places to visit

-made plans to decorate/DIY or move house.

Afraid we can’t help much with the first three on the list but if you are looking to sell your house and move on then now is the time to act.

Apparently Spring is the best time of year to sell your home, particularly early to mid Spring, as there are apparently more potential buyers around.  Also many people like to plan the sale to fall around the bank holidays giving you more time for the big move.

Why act now then? Spring is months away!

Well yes but you’ve heard estate agents talk about kerb appeal right? How your house has to stand out and look good from the outside not just for the location of it or how big it is inside?  Well that’s where we come in.


Sykes Bespoke Steel manufacture bespoke products to help to enhance and secure your home which you’ll surely agree are both things that potential buyers are interested in.  Not only do they want the house to look nice but to be a safe place to settle in too.

So whether you need driveway gates to secure the family car, wall top railings to deter fence hoppers or gangs of youths congregating, gates to give a bit more privacy, handrails to provide ease of access or garden products to enhance your green space we can help with it all.

        A detailed garden arch

Call us now on 0161 303 7383 for a free quote to see how we can help you add kerb appeal

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Thank You and Merry Christmas

Thank You and Merry Christmas

As we are in the last working week of the year we just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and Merry Christmas to all our customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends.

We had a very tough start to the year when the boss was taken seriously ill and was out of action for a while but with the determination and hard work of everyone here we have finished off on a high with plenty of orders and jobs already booked in for January.  So a big thank you to you all

Our Christmas shutdown period this year is from Friday 21st December 3pm and we shall re-open at 8am Monday 7th January. You can still email us, leave a voicemail or message us on Facebook and we shall get back to you when we can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Building relationships – how we help builders

Building relationships – how we help builders

We know builders are busy people. When they are not out estimating jobs they are buying tools and supplies, working on the job in all weathers and then trying to do all the admin work too.

One of the ways we can help is with our bespoke steel beam service.  All you need to do is contact us with your requirements including type of beam, measurements, any treatment and the site address and we shall do the rest.  We bring in the steel then prime, treat or drill it however is needed then deliver it to site ready for you to start work.  It gives you more time, more convenience and more often than not means more change in your pocket.

In addition to supplying small beams we manufacture bespoke wrought iron and stainless steel and can be a one stop shop for whatever you and your customers need. Whether its gates, railings, handrails, balconies, patio rails or indoor staircase panels we can do it.  Here are just some examples of our work:-

Bi fold driveway gates  


We have years of experience working with wrought iron and only use quality products such as 16mm round vertical bars for wrought iron.  Our stainless steel is marine grade 316 and glass is 10mm toughened with UV filters.

Supply only

We can offer a supply only service but also have a team of experienced fitters available if you would prefer us to supply and fit your bespoke product.  Our free site visits and no obligation quotations give you free, no nonsense advice on what you are looking for and can provide different options to suit.

Please feel free to contact us with your next enquiry either by calling us on 0161 303 7383 or emailing info@sykesbespokesteel.co.uk.  You are always welcome to call into our workshop for one off pieces you may require too.



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Struggling with steps? Handrails Provide Ease of Access

Struggling with steps? Handrails Provide Ease of Access

If you struggle with steps to your property, or are concerned about icy weather causing issues then a handrail can help provide ease of access.

Handrails are an easy solution to provide ease of access and help those with mobility problems.  They are relatively cheap, quick and easy to install with the use of a qualified fitter.  Also they come in a range of sizes, styles and budgets to suit most.  Below are an example of some of our previous work:-

     panel used as handrail

Customer example

A good example of how we help customers in this respect comes in the form of Mrs H from Glossop.  She ordered a functional, tubular floor to floor handrail to assist her in navigating the front steps to her property.  However after it was fitted she felt it looked a little plain.  Although pleased with it she asked us to return to discuss what we could do.  We discovered she had a love of wildlife, especially birds, and so we added a swallow design to provide decoration.  She was over the moon with it.  Take a look at it:-

So although handrails are often a necessity, and are functional, they can look decorative too.  We manufacture them in wrought iron or stainless steel and in a number of designs:-


We can also provide small grabrails to be fixed to the side of the door for a little help getting inside.

Handrail guidance

If you are not sure if you require a handrail for your property this infographic may help. Basically the guideline shows that if you have 3 steps (also called risers) or more then you should have a handrail fitted.

Our range includes interior balustrades ( or stair panels) to help when climbing stairs or just for decorative purposes and again can be manufactured using wrought iron or stainless steel and glass.

If you are interested in a free, no obligation site survey and quotation please call 0161 303 7383.  You can also email us on info@sykesbespokesteel.co.uk to make a convenient appointment.  Please take a look at our full range on the website http://sykesbespokesteel.co.uk/domestic-products/hand-rails/

You can also connect with us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SykesBespokeSteel or follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/SykesBespoke

Thanks, Karen

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National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month

October is National Home Security Month which is an event created to raise awareness around the importance of home security.

Opportunist thieves

According to a survey most burglaries occur during the week and between the hours of 6pm and 6am with the average burglar spending just 8-12 minutes inside a home.  That small amount of time can cost from £700-£3,000 for homeowners to fix broken doors/locks with an average cost of £2,300 for items stolen.

Home security

Despite this 25% of Brits admit to having no home security at all and 70% don’t have a burglar alarm.  Also there is a 25% spike in burglaries during the autumn and winter months with 1 in 10 taking place in November.  Therefore now is the time to get prepared.  Here is a handy checklist that you can download which may help


There are also benefits to increasing your security at home that you may not be aware of.  Check out our blog on the subject here http://sykesbespokesteel.co.uk/3-benefits-extra-security-property/

Security grilles

Not only is it important to deter opportunist thieves with things like gates, wall top railings, high hedges but also to use simple products such as lighting timers.  And of course a good alarm system is a great investment and another good deterrent.  For commercial premises just a broken, open window allowing thieves in to grab goods can cost thousands.  Decorative security grilles are a great way to help prevent windows getting broken whilst still being able to display products to your potential customers.  Here are a few examples of ones we have installed:-


As ever if there is anything that you have seen here that we can help you with please get in touch.  You can call us for a free no obligation quotation on 0161 303 7383 or email us at info@sykesbespokesteel.co.uk.  Or if you would just like some advice we are always on hand and happy to help where we can


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Which type of gate should I choose?

Which type of gate should I choose?

There are many reasons for someone to want a gate but have you thought about the type of gate you want? “What there is more than one type?” I hear you cry! Well, yes.

Swinging driveway gates

Wrought iron driveway gates

Swinging driveway gates are the more traditional kind you will see.  They are hinged to one side and open around this point usually into the driveway or property. This type of gate is very common and requires room for the gates to swing into. They usually open inwards as you are restricted from opening gates outwards onto a highway. Swinging gates are less expensive to install than other types and are generally considered safer and easier to open. Account must also be taken of any incline as the gate could not fully open if the driveway was an on incline. You can have a single swing gate or double swinging gates depending on the size of the opening. For example single gates would be unsuitable for anything over 3.65m (12 feet wide). In that case you may need bi fold gates.

Bi fold gates

Bi fold gates are ideal where the opening is wide but there is not a lot of room for the gates to open fully inwards.  Each part of the gate essentially folds back on itself so they take up less room when open.  Also the weight is distributed better to avoid the gates dropping at one end when opening.  Bi fold gates are a more expensive option that swinging gates as there is more work involved.  If a swinging gate is not a good option you may find that a sliding gate is more suitable

Sliding gates

Sliding metal gate

Sliding gates are a great alternative to swing gates especially when there is limited room for swing gates to open up or where they compromise parking space. Also they are a good alternative where there is an incline on the drive to consider. Sliding gates are usually placed on tracks where this is dug into the ground and the gate is guided along it using wheels mounted on the base. However to fit sliding gates you need to ensure there is a smooth surface area for the gate to pass over and approximately 1.5 times the size of the gate itself to allow it to slide back and out of the way fully.

Electric gates

Finally you can have the gates automated so you have the convenience of being able to open them at the push of a button on your return home, especially useful when its pouring with rain and you don’t want to get out of the car! Visitors can even have a separate pedestrian gate with an intercom to prevent unwanted callers. They are very secure and often add value to a property due to their aesthetic and secure nature.  You can even automate existing gates in some cases.

Whatever kind of gates you are looking for, or if you are not sure, we can help.  Call us for a free site survey and no obligation quote where we can advise you on the options available.


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What is Powder Coating?

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a durable, attractive, long lasting finish that when applied correctly can give years of protection to metal components. It is used as an alternative to paint.

The powder is applied electrostatically to a suitably prepared metal surface. The electrostatic process ensures an even film thickness all over the component even on very complex shapes which cannot be achieved with wet paint. Often a zinc rich primer can be used prior to coating to give a greater corrosion protection.

(Thanks to our friends at Wrexham Metal Finishing for this information) Check out their website at https://www.wrexhammetalfinishing.co.uk/


Colours available

Powder coating is available in a range of colours including RAL, BS and Pantone shades.  Thanks to our friends at Northpoint here are some examples for you to check out http://www.northpointcoatings.co.uk/colours/

Also an example of the finish provided by Northpoint on sets of gates and railings:-

Powder coating

Below is an example of the RAL chart showing the large range of colours

RAL chart



If you have any queries about powder coating, or want to know more, please get in touch. If we cannot help you then we can put you in touch with someone who does!




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How to Look After Your Stainless Steel Product

How to look after your stainless steel

Stainless steel is a great alternative to wrought iron and is seen as more of a modern alternative to the traditional black, wrought iron railings you often see.  Here at Sykes Bespoke Steel we are able to offer both

Wrought iron handrail     Stainless handrail

Benefits of Stainless Steel

One of the benefits of stainless steel, as well as it giving a more modern look, is that it is relatively easy to clean. Although not maintenance free it is low maintenance.  Washing it with soap or mild detergent and warm water followed by a clear water rinse is usually quite adequate for most stainless steel.

Here at Sykes Bespoke Steel we only use marine grade 316 stainless steel which gives a better quality finish and is more resilient than the alterative 304 grade stainless.  As the name suggests 316 is marine grade so it can be used at sea (on the decks of ships) and in coastal areas without fear of erosion

We use this grade of stainless steel in all our products not just ones which are potentially open to erosion from nearby water, wind, harsh elements etc.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel

Where stainless steel has become extremely dirty with signs of surface discolouration (perhaps following periods of neglect or misuse) then alternative methods of cleaning will be needed.  A full list of these can be found on the British Stainless Steel Association website at https://www.bssa.org.uk/topics.php?article=77

Of course if you take advantage of our quality stainless steel you may also have our toughened glass panels fitted too and these will need to be cared for just as you would any other type of glass surface you have at home

Stainless and glass patio rails

So if you are thinking of having stainless steel in your home, know that it can offer you a different kind of look for your home, is easy to maintain and looks amazing!  If there is anything we can help you with do not hesitate to give us a call to book a free appointment with no obligation quotation.


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