Decorative, secure and private. Composite gates could be the answer

Often when considering having gates fitted it is because you want to keep something out, or in some cases in, and so security is the driving force behind the decision. Wrought iron gates are often thought to be more secure due to their weight and strength as opposed to timber gates. But what if you want some privacy too? Often wrought iron gates have gaps where people can see in (see example below) so maybe don’t offer the kind of privacy you are looking for. Composite gates can.

Wrought iron gate and panel with ball top installed in Greenfield

Combining the strength of the steel with the warm look of timber can be a good option and provides privacy (such as this one below) unlike the wrought iron gates.

Timber infill gate installed in Stalybridge

These look great and the steel frame and timber panels really do give the best of both worlds. However the timber needs treatment and maintenance which can be time consuming and a laborious task.

Another option is to have composite gates instead. They offer the same privacy but do not require any maintenance to them. A strong steel frame with maintenance free composite panels. Often they come in a range of colours, some even with a wood grain effect, and can be matched to the colour of your house or doors and windows. Here are some examples of composite panel gates we have installed

Composite panel gate in grey installed in Ashton under lyne
Composite panel gate in a light oak installed in Manchester
Steel framed gates clad with composite in Mahogany

You could even have the gate part panelled just to provide some privacy but still allow people to see in/out. Here are some examples

Part infill gate installed in Manchester
Composite in grey used in this part panelled gate fitted in Oldham

You can even include your house name on the gates to retain your privacy and security but to ensure people know where you are! This is an installation we carried out in Littleborough last year

Composite panel gate with house name fitted in Littleborough

We use the Heritage range of composite from Witchdeck which is a quality product. As stated before it requires little or no maintenance once fitted and comes in a range of colours shown here

Heritage composite range from Witchdeck

If you would like more information, or indeed a free quotation, please get in touch with us on 0161 303 7383. Alternatively email us at

Thanks, Karen

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