Bespoke vs B&Q*

A Bespoke Service or DIY?

So it’ll soon be Easter and the bank holiday season.  No doubt you, along with thousands of others, will decide to tackle some DIY over the bank holidays and head out for your nearest DIY store full of great ideas and enthusiasm.

But, stop and think for a moment whether this is actually the right way to go?


If the weather is nice and you are going to tackle the garden or outside space do you really want to cram the family in the car, scrunched together in the heat, to then drive and spend half an hour just looking for a space on the already busy car park?

Once inside the store you wander around trying to find the aisle you need whilst seemingly everyone with a name badge on their overalls is busy with another customer or walks past like you are the Invisible Man.  All this whilst the other half decides to grab every paint tester pot and wallpaper sample they can physically carry.  The children are screaming at you because you didn’t buy them an ice cream from the van conveniently situated outside and so instead begin to blackmail you into shiny new things for their bedrooms/garden/play area etc. Sound familiar?

Once you find the gate you want you then have to carry it yourself and get it loaded into the car. (Obviously making sure not to break the paint tester pots, rip the wallpaper samples, bang the kids new lamps/ornaments or anything else they’ve picked up!)

Once home you breathe a sigh of relief at having made it back in one piece.  Now you can relax yes? No! Then you realise you now have to fit the gate.  Having argued with the other half over where exactly it’s going to go you have to make sure you have all the fixings for the gate, all the necessary tools then you have to fix it making sure it hangs properly and can be opened and locked when needed.  All this whilst the kids and dog all decide to test it out whilst you’re still trying to install it.

Yeah, you’re exhausted just thinking about it aren’t you?  You’re already dreading it and wondering how you could possibly avoid having to do it all without being nagged constantly for months that the “hole” where the gate should be lets the dog/kids out, or in, or looks a mess.


Wouldn’t you be rather sitting in the garden enjoying the nice weather?  Then you can! Just pick up the phone and ring Sykes Bespoke Steel.  We will come out to you for a free design visit to see what it is you need, how you want it to look and take measurements.  We shall send you a quote and once you’re happy with it we can get on making it for you.  Once made we can have it galvanized, so it’s less maintenance for you in the long run, and paint it.  (See our previous blog post for more details on galvanizing  Then our team of experienced fitters will come and fit it for you


Once it’s fitted and you’re happy with it then you pay (other than a small deposit to secure your order) then you can sit back in the knowledge it’s all done by a team of professionals

If you would like to know more then call us today on 0161 303 7383 or email to find out how we can make your life easier


*other DIY stores are available

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