7 Ways We Help Enhance & Secure Your Property – Safe & Stylish!

In the next in our series of blogs on “7 Ways We Can Help Enhance and Secure Your Property” we want to show you how we help our customers make things safe as well as looking stylish.

When we come out to see you at your property for your free, no obligation quotation we don’t just come along to have a nosey and take a few measurements…

We also like to discuss with you what you want, what you need, how it will look and whether it complies with the relevant legislation or guidelines.  We can give you options then too.  Although we are generally happy to manufacture something to the customer’s specification we also want to ensure that it will last, be safe AND look good for many years to come.

Take our customer Mr H from Saddleworth for example.  He was renovating his home and had an old, worn out wrought iron balcony rail that he wanted to replace.  We suggested we could make him a new wrought iron one but that a balcony rail made from stainless steel and glass would not only be strong and safe, but it would give an unobstructed view of his lovely garden and was more in keeping with the modern renovation he was doing on his home.  Here is how it originally looked:-


And then after the installation you can see the difference.  Mr H was very happy with it:-


So if you would like to enhance and secure your property, whether it be with wrought iron or stainless steel, or just want some advice then please get in contact with Sykes Bespoke Steel on 0161 303 7383 for a free, no obligation quotation.

Also please keep an eye out for the next in our series of blogs entitled “Keeping The Neighbourhood Peaceful”

Made to Measure Not Make Do

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