7 Ways We Can Help – Building Regulations Compliance

7 Ways We Can Help – Building Regulations Compliance

This is the final blog of our series 7 Ways We Can Help You Enhance and Secure Your Property.  In this blog we cover how we can help you with building regulations compliance.

We often get to work alongside builders, developers and architects to help them bring their customers ideas to life.  Part of this is to ensure that there is compliance with building regulations right from the outset

Handrail guidance

When you need a handrail for some steps but are unsure what is required we can help.  Take a look at the handrail guidance in this very useful diagram:-

We can then not only ensure you follow the guidance provided but also give you decorative options too.  Check out some examples here:



When fitting balustrades or patio rails it is important to ensure you can still enjoy the view, and that they serve their purpose but also that they meet the minimum height regulations too


Juliet balconies

When installing a Juliet balcony you not only have to consider the work at height but also the guidelines and regulations on how high they should be to prevent a risk of falling.  Our Juliet balconies are available in both mild (wrought iron) and stainless steel


Structural steels

An additional service we offer to builders, joiners and developers is the supply of small structural steels.  For any RSJ’s, universal beams or channel we can order in the steel, have it cut to size, drilled and treated where necessary then deliver locally to site.  As part of this service we ensure all the steels are CE marked where appropriate.

So if you have an issue with planning, or need to check you are compliant with building regulations or just want some reassurance about the product you want give us a call.  You can get a free, no obligation quotation by contacting us on 0161 303 7383 or emailing info@sykesbespokesteel.co.uk


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