What’s in a name?

Naming Your House

Research has shown that giving your house a good name can actually increase its value!?

As long as your house number is still visible you can pretty much name your house whatever you like providing the name is not already in use in your local area.  There is even a website to help you choose a name if you’re a bit stuck for ideas – http://www.housenameheritage.com

To check if your house name is already being used locally you should contact your local council.  Also if you want to change the name of your house you should contact them then register the change with all the relevant parties such as your utility companies, the Land Registry, your mortgage lender and the electoral roll.

Apparently Orchard House and The Willows are very popular, at least according to this article from The Express with the 50 most popular house names.  You can use this for inspiration or as something so you can avoid the more obvious ones http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/586565/Top-50-house-names-Britain

Personally I like house names that give you a clue to the property.  For example Nutshell Cottage which was picked because of the prominence of squirrels in the house garden.  Here is a gate we made especially for this property.

So whatever name you choose, or if you just want to add your number to the front of the property we can help you make a statement with your entrance.

Here are just some examples of the properties where we have helped them stand out.  Who could argue that Candy Cottage doesn’t conjures up images of home sweet home?


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