Do I Need Planning Permission For My Gate?

Planning permission for building and renovations can be a complex issue and one that you should seek professional advice on from a qualified architect, building surveyor or building control officer.

But we are often asked, when quoting for gates and railings, whether planning permission is needed for them.  This link is a great resource if you ever want to check for yourself:-

A good rule of thumb to use is two simple questions:-

  1. Is the gate or railing over 1 metre high?
  2. Is it next to a highway?

If the gate or railing is not over a metre high then you will not need planning permission unless its for a listed building or on a boundary with a listed building.

If the gate or railing is over a metre high then you will only need planning permission if it is next to a highway.


Check out this useful list of 20 things you can do with no planning permission required:-

20 Things You Can Do Without Planning Permission

And as ever, if there is anything you have any questions about do not hesitate to contact us

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