Business security-inviting customers in, keeping unwanted visitors out

Business security

As a business owner you will no doubt know that in order to keep a business going you need customers.  Whether you have retail premises for shoppers to visit, a warehouse or factory where suppliers need to attend to check your products or an office where people attend meeting you need to make your entrance area inviting.

The question is how do you make the entrance to your business premises inviting, safe and secure for your customers whilst at the same time keeping out unwanted visitors and ensuring your business is safe from opportunist thieves?

Security grilles

Decorative bespoke wrought iron window and door grilles not only keep your retail premises safe but still allow customers to see your goods, even when the shop is closed!  And contrary to many people’s beliefs secure doesn’t mean ugly.  Take a look at some examples:

Ornate security grill  Ornate door grill

Even in a warehouse or factory environment there is still a need for security whilst maintaining an inviting feel for your customers, suppliers and visitors

Security grill

Its also important to make visitors to your premises feel  safe.  Not just from a security point of view but also to ease their access into your premises.  This can mean disabled access, handrails and grabrails such as these

Stainless and glass balustrade Tubular handrail

Of course gates can not only secure a property but also form a physical barrier and so deter opportunist thieves.  Whether very ornate or practical and secure gates are a great way to help secure your premises but can also make a statement.  Gates are kind of like the first impression for a property so its important to pick carefully

School gates  Sheeted metal gates Sliding metal gate

So if you’re a business owner who wants to help secure their premises whilst not putting off visitors, and potential customers, call us for a free site visit and no obligation quotation on 0161 303 7383 or email us at


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Getting a new driveway? Ring us first!

Getting a new driveway? Ring us first!

So now the weather is improving many people are out tending their gardens, tackling a bit of DIY or planning the next big home renovation project.

Often getting a new driveway will not only enhance the “kerb appeal” of your property but also add value to your home.  According to a survey by Virgin Money a driveway can add up to around 10% to the value of your house.  Check out the infographic here

Adding value

And, you knew it was coming didn’t you?, a set of new driveway gates will just finish it off nicely!  Enhancing the front of your home, adding that kerb appeal but also securing your vehicles and providing a deterrent to potential opportunist thieves.

However, before you go searching through Google or scrolling through Facebook for reputable driveway companies and have them digging up in no time you need to consider ringing us first!  The reason I say this is two fold.  Firstly everything we do is made to measure and so we need around 3-4 weeks notice from your call asking about gates to when we can actually fit them.  Secondly we need to schedule the works in with the driveway company.

On too many occasions to mention we have people calling asking for a quote for gates as they are getting their new drive done.  We are of course happy to oblige but when we ask “How long before the drive is done?” and they say “Oh they’re on with it already!” that we sigh, hold our head in our hands and despair (well maybe not that bad!)

  (Courtesy of Rezitt Resin Bound Driveways Fences & Landscape service)

You see nobody wants their brand new driveway immediately dug up for us to put the gate posts in! It makes a mess and despite best efforts can leave the driveway looking a sight.  What is always best is if we know beforehand that you are having the driveway done.  That way if we have to put gate posts in we can do that before the driveway company start work.  Then once your driveway is done and looking fabulous we can come along and fix the gates to the posts to finish it off nicely

Bi fold driveway gates Composite driveway gates

So if you are looking to have a new driveway, or know someone who is, please make sure you get in touch with us sooner rather than later so we can help finish off the look


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Benefits of using stainless steel

Stainless steel offers a different look to the more traditional wrought iron and has its own benefits despite it being more expensive.

The expense is in part due to the cost of the materials but also because it requires a specialist welder and fitter.  Its benefits, including less maintenance, also justify the extra cost.

Here is an infographic about stainless steel including the benefits

For all our installations we use marine grade 316 stainless steel due to its superior quality, better protection from the elements and longevity.  We use it for making into a number of products including handrails, balconies, balustrades, patio rails and even gates.  Here are some examples

Stainless steel handrail  Stainless steel balcony

Stainless steel and glass patio rails and balustrade  Stainless steel gates

So as you can see stainless steel gives a very different look.  More modern, clean lines than traditional wrought iron.  Often this is the look people want for their modern homes. This is particularly useful when used in the garden as you can really enhance the view with stainless steel and glass patio rails that do not block anything from sight.

With a specialist stainless steel engineer and fitting team we can work stainless steel in a number of ways to provide something quite different.

Stainless steel handrail

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or commercial property owner we could help you with your requirements in stainless steel.  Call us now for a free site visit or a no obligation quotation on 0161 303 7383


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What colour does that come in?

What colour does that come in?

Colour is important.  It is a visual representation of us in what we wear, influences what we eat and drink and even who we buy from! (PS. our company colour blue denotes trust)

People often believe that wrought iron is black and therefore is not available in any other colour.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. Although wrought iron is a traditional material and has often been used in black there are a huge number of colours available.  But what colour you choose very much depends on what you are having done

Gates and railings

As I say wrought iron in black is the traditional colour with people using other colours like gold, silver or white to pick out the railheads/finials.  For example:-

Wrought iron driveway gates  Single wrought iron garden gate and panel

Or when adding decorative elements a touch of paint really makes it stand out:-

Garden gate with floral design  Garden gate

If choosing a product for a particular purpose the colour may already be determined.  For example a security barrier should be painted in bright colours to enhance it and make it visible.  For example this vehicle barrier we made and painted yellow

Vehicle barrier

Or rather than a particular purpose if the product is in a particular place that can determine the colour used.  This was the case with these railings we made in Ashton town centre which they wanted in the “Ashton blue” colour. Or these panels for a heritage/conservation area which meant the rails had to be green with gold accentsWall top rails

Heritage wrought iron railings

This is a RAL chart showing the choose of coloured paints we can use

RAL colour chart

So in reality you have a massive choice.  You just need to consider what colour would look best for your property, for its purpose and for where it sits.

If there is anything we can help you with get in touch for a free site visit and no obligation quotation.



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Sometimes You Just Need Your Privacy

When purchasing, or considering purchasing, gates for your house the main reasons tend to be for security purposes and for them to look good too.  Of course, they are often one of the first things someone sees and as they say it always helps to make a good first impression! But as well as enhancing and securing your property many people want gates to add privacy to their property.  Often with wrought iron gates they don’t offer that much privacy because of the nature of the steelwork…

Decorative wrought iron garden gate

…but there is a solution!  For those that want added privacy gates can be made private with the addition of infill panels.  These are fixed between the bars of the wrought iron gates and this can be achieved in a few different ways.

Timber infill gates

As the name suggests these are gates made with a wrought iron frame and vertical bars but with panels of timber in between.  The timber we use is pressure treated, rough sawn timber which looks beautiful in its natural form but it can then be treated/stained to achieve a different colour.  Below is an example of a bi folding driveway gate with rough sawn timber infill panels together with another driveway gate with timber infills which has then been stained by the customer to give a darker look.

Bi fold timber infill gates   Timber infill driveway gates

Composite infills

Composite panels are a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to timber.  Its environmentally friendly as its made up of recycled high density polyethylene plastic and reclaimed wood fibres. Its natural looking, with a grain effect, and comes in a range of colours.  Below are some examples:

Wrought iron driveway gate with composite panels  Wrought iron driveway gates with composite panels Wrought iron driveway gates with composite infills  Wrought iron driveway gates with composite panels Wrought iron gate frame with composite panels

Sheet metal

Then there is the more “industrial” look where sheet metal panels are added to the wrought iron gate frame to give added privacy.  Again, here is an example

Wrought iron gates with sheet metal panels

So as you can see there are a number of options available.

Get in touch for a free site visit and no obligation quotation for us to discuss your requirements.



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Why should you buy a new gate?

Why should you buy a new gate?

Well there are a number of reasons that you might want a new gate and here we set out just a few


Having a driveway or garden gate helps to make your property secure from any unwanted visitors.  A gate often marks the perimeter of your property and as the first line of defence, so to speak, it can deter opportunist thieves and the like.  The driveway, and any cars parked on it, are much safer and less likely to suffer from vandalism or attempted theft.  Also the outside of your house and any garage or outbuildings, which often include expensive tools and garden machinery, are much more secure too.

Here are some examples of gates with panels for that extra privacy and security you may want.  They can be made using infill panels made of timber or composite or by attaching sheet metal



It may be hard to believe but having a decorative yet secure gate at the entrance to your property can positively affect its value aswell as adding that elusive “kerb appeal”.  Some people use the front of the house as a major selling point on their home.  Others once they have moved house immediately set about having a new set of gates installed.  The installation of electric, automated gates often guarantees the quick sale of a quality residential property.

Peace of mind

We have already mentioned about the beneficial security aspect of getting a gate but have you thought about how it will make you feel?  With a gate fitted you can have peace of mind that your home and family are safe.  Your children can play safely behind closed gates and away from busy roads.  Your car is secure and less likely to be stolen or vandalised.  Also if you have pets then gates can help prevent them from escaping into the road and potentially getting hurt.  Even getting a gate could prevent people using their open gateway/driveway as a turning point.

Our customer Mrs S of Oldham gave us a testimonial on “the lovely, secure feeling” she had when we fitted these gates for her:-

You can read the testimonial on our website here


Many people purchase electrically automated gates for the timesaving convenience of opening and closing their gateway by remote control.  It is not only much easier than manually closing heavy wrought iron gates but also very useful in bad weather.  It is comforting to see your gates open and welcome you home on a dark night and even more reassuring to see them close automatically behind you.


A well maintained property with a decorative secured gate is a credit to the neighbourhood and often enhances the look of a home as well as its appeal to others.  A large, imposing gate gives a sense of status.  Often when we have completed work at a property we find a large number of neighbours or nearby locals then enquiring about the same thing.  Its the good old “Keeping up with the Jones’s” mentality


So whether its for security, convenience, status or you just need to replace the old one if you need a gate then call us for a free, no obligation quotation now. 0161 303 7383



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Slips and trips cost UK £1bn per year – Handrails ease access

Slips and trips cost UK £1bn – handrails ease access

According to a recent survey slips and trips cost the UK around £1 billion per year!  Although some occur in the workplace many happen due to bad weather in the winter months and/or uneven and slippy surfaces or steps.

Ease access and improve safety

Handrails and grabrails can help ease access but also can look decorative too.  Safety is the main concern but when you are fitting these to the front of your house you want to make sure they look nice and in keeping with the style of the property. Check out some examples of the handrails we have manufactured and fitted using quality wrought iron on our website here

We are also able to manufacture them using quality marine grade stainless steel like this simple design example fitted in Saddleworth

We have also fitted a large number of handrails on commercial properties such as these:


Handrail guidance

There is also building regulation guidance about when it is appropriate to fit a handrail.  Below is a simple diagram to show this

This gives clear guidance as to when handrails are necessary and are useful for landlords, property owners, developers and builders.  Basically if there are 3 risers (steps) or more than a handrail should be fitted

So whether you need help getting in and out of the house, have steep steps or just want something decorative we can help.  Our plain wrought iron handrails have a quick turnaround if you have elderly relatives or people coming out of hospital that require them quickly.

If this is something you require, or if you are really not sure what you need, then we offer a free, no obligation site survey and quotation.  Please contact us on 0161 303 7383 or via email at to discuss this and to arrange a convenient appointment if necessary.



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We are classed as metal fabricators but that doesn’t mean we tell lies!  What is fabrication?

What is fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes (source: Wikipedia)

“To fabricate” is to manufacture, make, build, form, fashion, shape, construct (Source: Collins)

So, in a nutshell, when you choose to order a set of gates from us not only are you supporting a local family run business.  You are also getting a bespoke product lovingly built from scratch to your specification so it’s made to measure just for you!  (This applies to all our products, not just gates!)  You can see the range of products we make by looking through our website

“Things you fabricate are things you care more about. I think there will always be people who go and buy crap at the dollar store. But I think its cool when people craft things themselves” Esre Pettis

#madetomeasure NOT make do

Call 0161 303 7383 to arrange a convenient appointment for a free no obligation quotation Or you can email us on

We would love to connect with you on social media either via Facebook or Twitter:-



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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We wish all our customers, colleagues, suppliers and friends a very happy and prosperous New Year

We are currently taking a short but well earned break but will be back soon

Here’s to a great 2018!

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Bespoke steel products to enhance and secure

Bespoke steel products to enhance and secure

As we near the end of a busy year we just wanted to give you a little reminder of what we can do for you.

In our blog series “7 Ways We Can Help” we wanted to share with you the different ways we have helped our customers using actual case studies.  We shared these on our website so you can see the range of products we offer.  We also want to make it clear how we work as everything we manufacture is made to measure.  Check out this infographic for details

For more information on the galvanizing process mentioned above, which we recommend for all our wrought iron products, check out this video from The Galvanizing Association

galvanizing video

In addition we also offer products made from marine grade 316 stainless steel which offers a more modern, contemporary than the more traditional wrought iron.  Here is an infographic with some more details about stainless steel including some of its benefits


From the moment we answer your enquiry to when we fit your product we aim to look after you, advise you, provide you with guidance and leave you with a quality product whilst giving a friendly and professional service.  We are a family business keen on maintaining a good reputation with our customers and strive to grow both in size and stature within the local community

As always, if we can help please get in touch by calling 0161 303 7383.  You can also email  However please note we are taking a short but well earned break over the festive period.

We wish to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, both past and present, our suppliers, employees and everyone who we know a very Merry Christmas.  A big thanks for your support this past year and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year

With great thanks from Karen and Gareth Sykes

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