3 Benefits to Extra Security For Your Property

3 Benefits to Extra Security For Your Property

There are 3 main benefits to securing your property, ideally before you are burgled!

  1. Reduced insurance premiums
  2. Deter opportunist thieves
  3. Improved peace of mind

1. Reduced insurance premiums

According to GoCompare.com who asked their range of insurers the higher your level of security the lower you can expect your insurance premiums to be.  Better security helps to bring the premium cost down and many providers will give discounts depending on what security measure you have installed.

Insurers expect a minimum level of security like door and window locks but extra security like an alarm system, CCTV and even membership of a neighbourhood watch scheme can help.  For details on this check out the website http://www.ourwatch.gov.uk


“Good home security can reduce the chance that you’ll have to make a claim in the first place, saving you money and hassle in the long run”
Ben Wilson, Gocompare.com
Read more at http://www.gocompare.com/home-insurance/security/#kmps4ZVIKDMMlKPf.99

2. Deter opportunist thieves

Burglars are opportunistic in nature and will look for soft targets.  According to http://crimestoppers-uk.org a burglary occurs every 40 seconds.  If your home and garden look secure from the outside it will be less vulnerable to break ins.

According to claims data from Admiral Insurance the average cost of theft from the garden is £1,593 with the top 5 items being taken as:-

  • Bicycles
  • Tools/lawnmowers
  • Golfing equipment
  • Garden equipment
  • Sporting equipment

Crimestoppers suggests securing side gates and says that fencing or raiings can be a good investment.  Also gravel driveways are noisy and so act as a great deterrent.  Adding secure driveway gates gives another element of security.  As is commonly said it is better to be safe than sorry

3. Peace of mind

By the year ending Sept 2015 there were 743,000 incidents of domestic burglary in England and Wales.  Peace of mind comes from knowing that having security means you are 5 times less likely to suffer this.

Many of our products have a security aspect even if it does not seem obvious at the time.  Take our customer Mrs S of Oldham for example.  She had an extension to the house which left the garden in a mess and when complete she wanted gates and wall top railings to finish it off.  After the job was complete she commented on what a “lovely, secure feeling” it gave her.  Check out the testimonial here http://sykesbespokesteel.co.uk/Feedback/


It is also worth bearing in mind that secure doesn’t have to mean ugly!  We manufacture a range of window and door grilles that are functional but look great too.  Check these out…


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